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radiation maps at aircraft altitude

SiGLERT computes radiation doses aboard aircraft during GLEs (Ground Level Events: enhancement of the counts as seen by the worldwide neutron monitors network due to solar events). SiGLERT is the real time version of the SiGLE model, which performs a post event dose computation within the SIEVERT system.  During quiet times the radiation doses shown below are due to galactic cosmic rays as computed by  EPCARD.NET. An event example (january 2005) can be found here. Please note that these maps are not provided as an operational service. See also the disclaimer below.

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status of available neutron monitors

Below is the status of neutron monitors of mid or low cutoff rigidity regarding a GLE alert, as computed by SiGLERT from available data in NMDB. There are three possible levels: "quiet", "prealert", or "alert" which are updated every five minutes. "Alert" means a GLE is ongoing. The general alert or prealert status is defined depending on the number of individual stations in alert or prealert mode, among other criteria. The individual alert levels depend on the increase seen in the last minutes compared to a preincrease level. Please note that this is not provided as an operational service. See also the disclaimer page.

general status: quiet

stationstatuslast datamax increase

Table columns description: #1 short name of the NM station, #2 alert status of this station (quiet / prealert / alert), #3 timestamp of last available data, #4 maximum increase seen during the last 5 minutes of data compared to a preceding level.