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Presentations du meeting du 15 janvier (Observatoire de Paris)

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  • Coronal Waves and Oscillations
  • 29 - 30 March, 2007
  • Bern (Switzerland)
  • The aim of this workshop is to review the current status of the knowledge about wave and oscillatory phenomena in the solar corona, and to discuss the further development of MHD coronal seismology and the perspectives of low atmospheric seismology

  • Subsurface and Atmospheric Influences on Solar Activity
  • 16 - 20 April, 2007
  • Sunspot, New Mexico (USA)
  • Flows around active regions: surface and below - Flux emergence and cancellation - Space weather and active regions: back to front - Morphology of active regions and filaments - Magnetic flux and magneto-acoustic waves - Influences on coronal complexity

  • Space Weather Workshop (formerly known as Space Weather Week)
  • 24 - 27 April, 2007
  • Boulder, Colorado (USA)
  • This meeting will bring the customer, forecasting, and research communities together to focus on the impacts of space weather, forecasting techniques, and on recent scientific advances in specifying and predicting conditions in the space environment. The conference program will highlight space weather impacts in several areas of the environment, including ionospheric disturbances, satellite drag, auroral currents, geomagnetic storms and their solar drivers, radiation belts, and solar energetic particles.

  • EFYRA-2, International Workshop on Flows, Boundaries, Interactions
  • 3 - 5 May, 2007
  • Sinaia (Romania)
  • Generation and evolution of magnetic structures in solar atmosphere and Heliosphere - Transient phenomena - Flows and circulations - Boundaries and interfaces - Sun and Heliosphere in 3D - Solar stars - Dynamics of the Galaxy and related problems

  • Greenland IPY 2007 Space Science Symposium (GSSS 2007)
  • 4 - 9 May, 2007
  • Kangerlussuaq (Greenland)
  • Transport in the Coupled Solar Wind - Geospace System seen from a High-Latitude Vantage Point symposium will strive to advance our understanding of the solar-terrestrial interaction by focusing on old and new observations, specifically from very high latitudes, and the related theory, modeling and numerical simulations.

  • IHY Conference 2007: Heliophysics: The Sun, the Heliosphere and the Earth
  • 14 - 18 May, 2007
  • Bad Honnef (Germany)
  • This conference covers all physical aspects from the solar core, via the heliosphere to the local interstellar medium. A discussion of the basic structure of the system Sun-Heliosphere will be followed by studies of the magnetic field as the most important link between nearly all regions of this system. The dynamics of the system due to internal and external triggers, i.e. the solar activity and the variable galactic environment, will be investigated, as well as its significance for the related fields like stellar activity and life in the heliosphere. Especially, the influence of the integrated system Sun-Heliosphere on the Earth's environment will be analysed.

  • AGU Joint Assembly
  • 22 - 25 May, 2007
  • Acapulco (Mexico)
  • SH01: SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics General Contributions
    SH02: STEREO: Initial Observations of the Sun
    SH03: CME-Magnetosphere Comparisons: Examples of IHY Universal Processes
    SH04: Solar System Antimatter
    SH05: Transient processes in the distant solar wind and the heliosheath: Spacecraft data vs. theoretical predictions
    SH06: Do shocks accelerate particles in the heliosphere?
    SH07: Solar System Space Climate Derived From Proxies
    SH08: Heliophysical Processes: Observations and theory
    SH09: Dynamics of local solar activity and its evolution with the cycle

  • CESRA Workshop 2007
  • 12 - 16 June, 2007
  • Ioannina (Greece)
  • Solar Radio Physics and the Flare-CME relationship

  • IHY: 2nd European General Assembly
  • 18 - 22 June, 2007
  • Torino (Italy)
  • Develop the basic science of heliophysics through cross-disciplinary studies of universal processes * Foster international scientific cooperation in the study of heliophysical phenomena now and in the future * Communicate unique IHY results to the scientific community and the general public.

  • SOHO 19/GONG 2007 Seismology of Magnetic Activity
  • 9 - 13 July, 2007
  • Monash University, Melbourne (Australia)
  • Local Helioseismology of Active Regions - Role of Magnetic Fields - Atmospheric Waves Coupled to p-modes - Observation and Interpretation (new instruments; interpretation of data from strong field regions) - Non-linear and Non-adiabatic Aspects of Atmospheric Oscillations - Seismology excited by flares - Numerical Simulation of Oscillations and Comparison with Observations .

  • AOGS 2007
  • 30 July - 4 August, 2007
  • Queen Sirikit national convention center, Bangkok
  • Atmospheric Science (AS) - Hydrological Science (HS) - Interdisciplinary Working Groups (IWG) - Ocean Science (OS) - Planetary Science (PS) - Solar Terrestrial (ST) - Solid Earth (SE)

  • Announcing First Results from Hinode
  • 20 - 24 August, 2007
  • Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland)
  • Hinode was launched in September 2006 and nearly a year on in Dublin we will have a meeting to discuss the first results!

  • LWS Workshop
  • 10 - 13 September, 2007
  • HAO, Boulder (USA)
  • With Hinode returning spectacular data, STEREO in transit to its stations, and the launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory impending, the focus of this workshop will naturally be on new and expected results from solar and inner-heliospheric instrumentation.

  • 5th Solar Polarization Workshop
  • 17 - 21 September, 2007
  • Ascona (Switzerland)
  • Second Solar Spectrum * Polarization physics in magnetized media * Nature of solar magnetic fields as revealed by polarimetry * Polarized radiative transfer: numerical and analytical methods * Molecular polarimetry * Coronal radio and infrared polarimetry * Polarimetric instrumentation for ground-based and space observatories * Stellar polarimetry and magnetic fields

  • 24 - 28 September, 2007
  • Orleans (France)
  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Multipoint Measurements in Space 2: The main objective of the Conference-Workshop is to review the results of the Cluster and Double Star project, paying special attention to those results that have improved our understanding of fundamental questions in solar-terrestrial and magnetospheric physics...

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