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  Heliocentric Potential

The so-called heliocentric potential is one of the current modulation parameters. It has been defined by O'Brien (1971). It is used for example as an input for galactic cosmic ray dose calculation with the model CARI. The heliocentric potential is deduced from neutron monitors output. The following values of the heliocentric potential are computed using Kerguelen neutron monitor and predicted values are based on RI12 forecast (Lantos, 2005).

Ref. OBrien K.: 1971, Nuovo Cimento, A3, 52-78O
Ref. Lantos P.: Solar Physics 2005, n229, pp. 373-385

The blue bars are calculated monthly mean values and the orange dash line is the running average over 12 months. Red and orange bars are predicted values. Orange ones are anterior to the date when the prediction was computed (delay of 6 months because of the running average calculation).